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Tower Custom Homes' Process

At Tower Custom Homes, we provide exceptional quality and value. We have a reputation for extraordinary customer service and pride ourselves on being one of the best home builders in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

We realize that understanding the process of building a home is important to our clients, and knowing the Stages of Construction will help track the progress of their new home.

Before We Start

Before the stages of construction begin, all preconstruction documentation must be completed and approved. This includes the contract, plans, plot plans, change orders, design selections, etc. During this time, you will have a team meeting with your construction manager and sales counselor to review all documents. Engineering work will be completed, and an application for a permit will be submitted to the City.

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Stages of Construction

Meet with potential home buyers and assess wants and needs for property and custom house.
Locate property and buy real estate.
Design home. Some people have already drawn up plans, but if not, Kevin and his architects can create and design plans to fit the homebuyers needs.
Price and finance the house.
Finish out all specifications and build the home.
Furnish the home with a design team if needed.
Move in!